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Get Thirsty, Get Hungry, Get Lucky!

Open 24 hours

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Great food, atmosphere, gaming, and sports. Open 24 hours.

The Lucky Beaver Bar and Burger is a great spot to relax with friends, make new ones, or just enjoy the show of our exhibition kitchens. Lucky Beaver Bar & Burger is a 24 hour sports bar and restaurant with HD TVS, and video poker machines featuring progressive jackpots. Our food is known for its high quality and world-famous Pat LaFrieda Beef.

Famous for our mouthwatering steaks and burgers

Our Fresh Ahi, grilled chicken breast and Beyond Burger patty offer great beef alternatives.

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Signature cocktails and craft beer

If you love our award-winning steaks and burgers, you will love our cocktails and extensive line of craft and domestic beer. Our Lucky Beaver Specialty Cocktails offer expertly prepared, praise worthy and memorable flavor combinations, featuring classic drinks and Lucky Beaver’s unique craft cocktails.

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A place to gather with friends new and old

Come for the food, drinks, and gaming - stay for the good times.

Serving the best beef in the country.

All of our Pat LaFrieda steaks are USDA Prime beef. You’re not just getting prime beef; you’re getting the best meat in the country. Our product is sourced from small farms across the country. We ensure that all animals are raised without the use of antibiotics, hormones, or growth promoting drugs. Animals are treated humanely, fed a diet of grass and hay for most of their lives and finished on corn.