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Lucky Beaver Dodgeball Rules & Information. 

*Proceeds go to charity.  (Christmas Cheer of South Lake Tahoe)

**Awards and official afterparty will be at Lucky Beaver Tahoe immediately following the championship match.

***Limited to 10 teams. Fee’s must be paid in full by October 31st to secure your spot. 

Location: South Lake Tahoe Middle School Gym. (2940 Lake Tahoe Blvd)  Parking is available around back with easy access to the gym.

Lucky Beaver Sportsmanship 

Healthy competition on the field is applauded & encouraged! It is also important to understand that there is a fine line between being competitive & being unsportsmanlike. All players should treat one another with respect on the field & after the game. Everyone has to go to work tomorrow, so please keep safety & sportsmanship in mind out there!

Game Play:

    • Each team should start the game with 8 players; a minimum of 2 need to be women.
    • Each player must complete a waiver of liability prior to play or face disqualification.
    • Tournament is SINGLE elimination. 
    • Teams that don’t have the minimum number of women will be disqualified.
    • Teams can have a maximum of 8 players and 1 coach. The team can start with a maximum of 8 people (2 woman minimum) on the court.  At no point in the game may a team have more than 8 people on the court.
    • A match consists of best of 3/5/7 game format. Each game counts separately and is independent of the other games. 
      • NOTE: If a team loses a game, they have the option to buy back in for a $100 charity donation. (Teams are limited to ONE buy back per match unless approved by head official)
    • To keep the games moving, a 5 minute time limit is set for each match. At the end of the 5 minute time limit, the team with the most players wins. If there are equal players on each side the match will go to sudden death.
    • Each team shall designate a captain or coach. This person is the only player who can communicate with the referees.
    • Standard 8″ regualtion dodgeballs will be used for play.
    • Costumes are mandatory! Teams that are not in costume will be penalized according to referees discretion.
    • Awards:  Lucky Beaver Dodgeball Champion Cup, plus 20 other award categories that we are still making up…
    • Spectators are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Head Referee Tiffany has final discretion in all matters.


Eliminate all opposing players by getting them “out.” A player is declared out if:

  • You hit an opponent with a thrown ball, before it hits the ground and BELOW THE SHOULDERS.
  • You catch an opponent’s thrown ball BEFORE it makes contact with the ground or walls.
  • You cross over any boundary lines.

Ways To Win:

  • Eliminate your entire opposing team before time is up.
  • Have more active (on court) players when time is up, than the opposing team.
  • Win the more games than your opponent in order to advance to the next round.


  • Games will be played on a standard sized basketball or volleyball court.
  • 6 balls will be used. The official will place 6 balls at the center line.  Players must start behind their own baseline before the start of play.
  • Anyone can possess and throw any of the six balls that are in play. 
  • Teams and players are confined to the centerline, sidelines and end line of the basketball court area.
  • Players may intentionally leave the playing area on their own side of the playing floor to retrieve a ball. If a player goes out of bounds to avoid getting out, they will be called out.
  • The centerline is the offside line. When throwing the ball, a player must not touch the line when throwing (and including follow through). If the match is tied at the end of 5 minutes, the team with the most players wins. If equal players are left, sudden death will be called.
  • Players will be called out if a thrown ball, not a kicked ball, hits them on the fly.
  • If a player unintentionally or intentionally throws a ball and the ball hits an opposing player in the head the player who threw the ball is out. If a player ducks or is on the ground and is hit in the head, the player hit will be called out. Balls must be thrown below the shoulders.
  • Players will be called out if a ball they throw is caught on the fly.
  • Deflections off the floor or the official do not count as an out if caught. Deflections off of a wall, court dividers, rafters, bleachers, and hoop do not count as an out if caught. Deflections off a teammate do count, and both players are out.
  • Deflections off of a player that then hit the wall result in the defending player out regardless if the ball is caught or not. The ball is dead as if it hit the floor once it hits the wall.
  • If a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession, it does not make either player out. If the ball is dropped as a result of contact from the thrown ball, then the player who drops the ball is out. If a player partially blocks a thrown ball and the ball makes contact with the person’s body, he/she is out (hands and wrists are considered part of the ball).
  • If a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession and that ball is caught by a teammate, the person who threw the ball is out. If a ball hits another ball, which a player has in their possession and that ball hits a teammate, the person who was hit is out.
  • If a player throws a ball and it deflects off an opposing player; as long as the ball is caught prior to being called dead (hits the floor, referee, wall, or other) the player who threw the ball is out.  
  • If a player catches an opponent’s ball, the first teammate to go out, will then be allowed to come back into the game. If a team has started with players in jail (meaning they are playing with more than 8 total players), they may not bring someone in for a catch if they are at full strength. Catches may not be “saved” until someone on their team gets out in this instance either.
  • If a player is stalling, or making no attempt to play a ball they may be called out (approximately 5 seconds). The referee may provide a warning call to a player prior to calling them out.  The referee does not have to provide a warning in order to call players out.  
  • Once a player is out, they must immediately leave the floor, raise their hand to show that they are out, and go to jail (most of our players know what this is). Players who have been called out cannot retrieve stray balls for their teammates, or that ball will be given to the other team.
  • ***Rules are subject to change at any time.

Rules Enforcement:

  • Any dispute that cannot be resolved, will be ruled by Tiffany the head official. FYI – Tiffanys ruling is final.
  • Be responsible for your actions and maintain self control at all times.
  • HAVE FUN and Thank you for participating.

To sign up please email: 

10 Team Single Elimination Seeding.